Interactive Bulletin Board

I spent quite a lot of time on Pinterest this past summer seeking out new ideas for my classroom.  One of the cool things I found was  interactive bulletin boards.  I must admit I am terrible at maintaining bulletin boards.  It seems like there are so many other things I need to do in a day, week, or semester that my bulletin boards are always neglected.  I needed to find a way to maintain interest, schedule changes, and involve students.  Since students are aware of and sometimes use social media, I chose to divide my bulletin board into three sections.

The first section is dedicated to facebook.  This is where I feature artists we are learning about.  At the beginning of each new semester, I select a few of the fake facebook profiles my students fill out as a “first day of class” survey, too.  Here are some examples of what that looks like:

100_1951     100_2526edited




The second section is based off of Pinterest – why not?  That is where inspiration struck!

In this section, I pin supplemental information for the lesson / unit we are studying.  Some examples are below.  For 7th grade’s intensive study of color, I included the color wheel and several color schemes for reference.  For 8th grade, our Principles of Art Pinterest board included hints about the functions of each one.

100_1949     100_2533

The third section is home to our twitter feed.

Students are given a writing prompt and they are charged with developing a tweet.  Each tweet must meet the 140 characters-or-less standard for twitter.  Students can add hashtags if they like, and their twitter handles start with the traditional @ symbol.  Some twitter feed prompts focused on: “What is creativity?” and “Why is Art Important?”  I find this to be a great way to integrate writing into my art classroom.

A new twitter feed starts tomorrow as we venture into the world of Graffiti.  Students will be composing tweets based on the concept of public art: “What makes public art good or bad?  Why?”

100_1950     100_2530     100_2531     100_2532

(note to self: purple on purple is NOT a good idea)

Having these sections change to suit our current lesson or unit really keeps me on a “schedule.”  I don’t have to stick to a weekly or monthly set up.  And, with 3 sections, I can tackle them one at a time instead of all at once.  The best part, though, is the student interaction.  They are excited to read each others’ tweets and profile pages.  They notice when the artist changes and I can reference those supplemental materials as I teach.

Thanks fellow Pinners!  What great inspiration!!!

NOTE: I do not promote the use of social media without parental supervision / approval.  All references to social media in my classroom are paper-based or “fake.”  Students are not permitted to access these sites in the classroom.