Welcome to Art with Miss Capuzzi!

Hello there!

Welcome to Art with Miss Capuzzi!

My name is Angela Capuzzi.  I teach visual art to Pennsylvania students in grades K-8.  I love seeking out new ideas from other bloggers, pinners, authors, and colleagues.  I think it’s great to share what I come across.  (Getting lost on the internet clicking from one great idea that leads to another… that leads to another… is one of my favorite things.)  That means not all of the information I share on this page will stem from my own original ideas.  But, I will always let you know where I got those ideas and only take credit for what I have independently created.  By sharing our ideas, teachers can build rich learning experiences for their students and I hope you find something here that will benefit you, your students, or your own classroom.

So, stop on by and check out the exciting learning activities we are working on!

We’re getting messy!


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