We love HarpToons!

HarpToons is publishing company created by Steve Harpster.

I came across HarpToons this week when I was looking for a way to freshen up a lesson I’ve been teaching for a while.  The original lesson was shared with me by Mrs. Becky Gartley.  It was titled “Alphabet Friends.”  In the lesson, students warm-up their drawing skills by focusing on facial features, body parts, and props they might use to turn the first letter of their name into an Alphabet Friend.  Once they’ve warmed up, students select the best face, arms, legs, costumes and props for their new creature.  This lesson is always a hit, but I was looking to expand it a little more.  So, after performing a search, I came across HarpTooons.  I love the style Harpster uses: bold lines, easy-to-teach instructions, and recognizable alphabets and numbers.

Steve Harpster shares video demonstrations and provides free speaking engagements (within a 3 hour drive from Cincinnati – too bad for me 😦 I’m just a little too far out of range).  His website was so awesome that I immediately ordered the complete set of drawing books for my classroom!  I used the videos with my 1st grade students this week and they were excited, engaged, and eager for more!  Adding the content from HarpToons will provide a richer learning experience for my students as they embark on creating their own Letter Monsters.

We love HarpToons!  Check it out: http://www.harptoons.com/



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